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Taming the horse
Taming the horse Conflicting theories exist regarding the time and place of initial domestication. The earliest evidence of horse domestication comes from Central Asia around 4500 BC. Archaeological evidence provided…

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The horse in the mythology of the Celts, the Water horse
In various mythopoetic traditions animals appear sometimes as assistants to mythological characters, their attributes or symbols. Among the Celts this animal was the horse. Among the cult objects that make…

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The role of horses in human life
It is difficult to overestimate the importance of horses in the development of human society over the past 5,000 years In human life, it played a more important role than…

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Build a good relationship with a horse

First you need to know the horse’s sense organs and how they can be influenced. Horses react to the outside world with the help of five senses: taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch.
The only blind spots in the horse’s vision are directly behind it or close to it.
If you step back from the horse, it will immediately see you. If the horse is afraid of such experiments, it is better not to carry out, a person who suddenly appeared from nowhere can frighten the horse, and it can bite or stand up for defense purposes. Continue reading

About horse

Among domestic animals, a horse occupies a special place: no other quadruped, even a dog, was honored with so many poems and short stories, was not depicted so many times in sculpture and painting canvases, none took such a strong and honorable place in folklore.

Horses appeared on Earth long before humans. By the time the prehistoric man began to inhabit the caves, the horse has existed on Earth for about a million years.
There are many breeds of horses, differing from each other in color, size, temper and article. All modern horses evolved from three main prehistoric types: the Eastern wild horse (Przhevalsky), the extinct forest horse, and the southern Russian steppe horse (tarpan). Przewalski’s horse still lives and walks in the wild. Continue reading

Horse suits

For horses since the time of Hippocrates, it is customary to distinguish four main suits: redhead, gray, black, bay.
The remaining suits are considered to be derived from these four basic suits.

Recently, however, abroad it is customary to base the classification of stripes on genetics. American scientist Dr. Phillip Sponenberg (D. Phillip Sponenberg, ‘Equine Color Genetics’, 2003) singles out: black, bay, and red as the main stripes.
Monochrome or bicolor (plain). Continue reading

What is the color of horses

The suit is one of the main features of a horse; is a hereditary trait and is determined by the color of the covering hair of the head, neck, body, limbs and protective hair of the bangs, mane, tail and brushes (frieze).

Primary colors – black, brown, red, yellow (sand), white (colorless). It is believed that black and white color does not happen; black, bay, red and gray are the main ones, and all the others are derivatives. There are other classifications, one of which I will use below. Continue reading

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Exterior (earth), skeleton and muscles of the horse
The exterior of the horse (the way) Exterior translated from French means - external. These are the outer forms of the animal. Article - a separate part of the horse's…


The meaning of the word Horse
HORSE-I, mn. Coney, Hey, M. Horse (mostly about the male; in the speech of the military, konnozavodskaya practice, as well as in poetic speech). Warhorse. Farm trotting horses. What are…


The holiday of Flora and Laurus, in Russia revered as patrons of cattle, especially horses, and domestic animals, falls on August 31 (August 18, old style)
August 31 - the memory of Flora and Lavra, who have long been revered in Russia as patrons of domestic animals, especially horses. On this day, the horse festival was…


These amazing horses
People have lived side by side with such amazing and cute animals as horses for so long. The horse to person was the assistant, a warrior, a friend So many…