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How to develop the Russian horse-breeding
Russian horse breeding should be divided into three completely independent types, equally oppressed by unfavorable economic conditions, but requiring completely different measures for its prosperity. Thus, the breeding of mass,…

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Equestrian competitions
Technological progress, bestowing its benefits, and brought a lot of negative - increased pace of life, extreme emotional impact on the nervous system, environmental pollution. And man increasingly began to…

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Horse professions
Horse feeders Horse - the millennial man's best friend. And the first people who tamed them were our ancestors! Of course, in geography domestication horses can be include and Mongolia,…

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Classification of thoroughbred horses

A million, sometimes more, we have now to pay for frisky trotters very often

That’s how highly prized thoroughbred horses are! And not only trotters, but also horses used at the races.

As for horses going under saddle craftsmen specializing in classic sports – dressage, show jumping and eventing, the role of the breed is even more significant.

It has long been observed and proven that best lend themselves to dressage horse, Akhal-Teke, in particular, breeds, and show jumping and eventing athletes prefer to deal with thoroughbred horses horses. Continue reading

These amazing horses

People have lived side by side with such amazing and cute animals as horses for so long.
The horse to person was the assistant, a warrior, a friend
So many Proverbs, sayings, songs are permeated with love for these animals, it is in them that the attitude of the Russian man to the horse was reflected, which often lived on horseback, protecting his land from the encroachments of enemies.

In itself, the word “horse” is borrowed from the Turkic riders, in its original sound it is heard as “alosha”. Turkic peoples were. Most of the nomads and their camps were located in the South Russian steppes, which allowed them to come into contact with the Slavs, who mastered the territory of the Dnieper. Continue reading

The role of horses in human life

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of horses in the development of human society over the past 5,000 years
In human life, it played a more important role than any other domesticated animal. Shortly after the domestication revealed the true nature of the horse – it has become indispensable in the field, in transport, in war. Previously, horses had to work not only on land but also under the ground. It was usually a pony.

In England alone, there were nearly 16,000 of these trouble-free workers. About 3000 hours a year dragged a small horse heavily loaded trolley, carrying up to 3000 tons per year and overcoming almost 5000 km. For this work, they preferred to use small Shetland island ponies, because they could carry cargo 20 times more than their own weight. Continue reading

More about riding in harness

It is unlikely we will be mistaken if we assume that the carts already existed for 2000 years BC Already ancient Persians drove the fours in a four-wheeled covered wagon. In the same carriage was transported the body of Alexander the Great from Alexandria to Babylon in 323 BC.

The Greeks already had carts in the so-called Heroic era. This is evident from many verses of Hellas (eg. song 5 St. 720 or song 24 St. 322-326).

The harness consisted apparently of a yoke, chest strap, girth, bridle and reins. Both the harness and the carts were very luxuriously decorated. So the battle chariot in which Darius III participated in the battle of Issus (333 BC) was decorated with gold and silver works of the best masters of the time. Continue reading

About evil horses

The evil horse is actually an exception in stables where horses are treated correctly and tenderly-an exception is quite rare. The vast majority of horses are made evil and acquire obstinate character from bad care and abuse, although, of course, there are exceptions, especially since the evil temperament can be transmitted and hereditary.

If not always, almost always, gentle, patient, and fair treatment can completely subdue the angry horse and an experienced horse owner sees in practice. Often have to change several times the groom to achieve a good result and to turn evil into good horse, but obviously there are also cases when neither force nor kindness can do nothing. Between the horses are not young, and especially between slojnye animals, evil, and capricious are more common. At all especially gentle and the late temperament rarely fits producer. Continue reading

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