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Equestrian competitions
Technological progress, bestowing its benefits, and brought a lot of negative - increased pace of life, extreme emotional impact on the nervous system, environmental pollution. And man increasingly began to…

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These different horses
The rider soared over the obstacle. The audience froze, leaned forward, as if hoping to help the brave man. But the horse, without hitting unsteady poles, landed and galloped to…

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Amazing horses
Devotion and mind of horses is legendary, and for good reason. So there is something in these animals that does not fit into the usual ideas. According to legend, the…

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The meaning of the word Horse

HORSE-I, mn. Coney, Hey, M.
Horse (mostly about the male; in the speech of the military, konnozavodskaya practice, as well as in poetic speech).
Warhorse. Farm trotting horses. What are you laughing, my zealous horse, That you lowered your neck, do Not shake your mane, do Not bite your bit? Pushkin, The Horse.
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The horse in the mythology of the Celts, the Water horse

In various mythopoetic traditions animals appear sometimes as assistants to mythological characters, their attributes or symbols.

Among the Celts this animal was the horse. Among the cult objects that make up the heritage of the Celts is the original chariot, on which sits a goddess with a spear, pursuing a boar. Researchers believe that this goddess Epona, which is often depicted on horseback or standing at the horses.

Horse often featured in early Celtic literature. For example, Gilles de Care, appearing in one of the tales of the cycle of Finn – the legendary sage and seer, and sometimes warrior – meets the army of Finn, leading on the occasion of a miserable gray horse, and then throws the reins, and the animal attacks the cavalry conquerors and ruthlessly destroys it.
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Interesting about horses

The gradual development of society was accompanied by domestication of a variety of animals.

The word “horse” Eastern Slavs adopted from Turkic riders, it sounded like “alosha”. Turkic tribes roamed in the South-Russian steppes and were in close contact with the Slavs of the Dnieper. The words “horse” , “Mare” ,”stallion” pure Slavic origin, they are found in many languages of the Slavic peoples and its roots date back to the Indo-European proto-language. Continue reading

Horse professions (Part 2)

All over the world horses are sold for leisure, sport and work purposes. For example, the American horse Association estimates horse-related transactions in the United States of more than $ 39 billion, including indirect costs – more than $ 102 billion. Such financial turnover can be compared only with football. And if you are a fan of this sport – watch the best football online.

In industrialized countries, horses are primarily used in sports, although they are also used in police work, on ranches, in search and rescue operations, and in other conditions where motorized vehicles cannot be used. Continue reading

Horse professions
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The story of a horse
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Horse harness and armor
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