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Movies with horses, horses in movies

Dynamic, eventful adventure films can not be imagined without mind-blowing chases and tricks, which often involve horses.

Many actors are forced to learn the art of riding and some of them are even willing to give many years of training to perform some tricks on their own.

But most of all filming involving horses without these professionals not enough.

This frame is familiar to everyone: attack, horses galloping, and suddenly in the foreground one of them falls, turning over his head. At this point the frame is dropped. Everyone knows that the “dead” rider immediately gets up and goes to smoke with colleagues, and always rises a fallen horse?

In the movie the horse die
The doubts arose after informal discussions with representatives of one of the small Amateur stunt studios announced that the classic trick – cutting – the horse can perform on the strength of four or five times, the sixth certainly is the crucial.

On the set of the epic War and peace died two hundred horses. We certainly do not believe – you never know what are talk, gossip, but decided to reach out to people whose work is directly connected with the implementation of the horse stunts in the movie with a question: How dangerous stunts-falling for the horses?

Tells Mukhtarbek Kantemirov,
the artistic Director of the equestrian theater is a Stuntman and a direct performer of horse tricks in dozens of feature films: Indeed, on the set of the film War and peace there was a big scandal associated with horses. On scenario in one of scenes with cliff falls cavalry. To do this, the Director took a batch of horses from the meat factory. Look at the shooting gathered a lot of spectators, children and in front of all the horses were brought to the cliff and the whole bunch of animals began to fall down. This bunch of little flashing in the air of the head, legs removed. The scene was not just authentic – natural. On the just indignation directed coolly replied: They are still meat!
Be that as it may, such work in the movies can not be attributed to the tricks. When really put tricks with horses, professionals work, it is not dangerous for the horse or for the rider. Take the classic trick – cutting, the technique of which in the movie developed Alibek Kantemirov. Its essence is this: on horse legs above the hooves wearing two rings, they are belt – strabate. The rider holds the reins in one hand, and in the other hand the belt fixes the horse’s legs in the right place. The horse comes to its knees, the body squeezes it from behind and it turns over. The rider flies off, pushing his feet or from the ground, or from the stirrups. The main condition for safety of the horse – it should be complete when you perform this trick. If the cut is performed by a professional, he takes into account all these points, and the Amateur can simply not know about it. Inexperienced people often fall when the horse pulls the head, the body runs into the back of his head and is the worst – the cervical vertebrae are broken.

Of course, cutting is dangerous for a horse. In the United States, under the pressure of the society for the protection of animals for several years as a fall through the sweeps when shooting a film is prohibited. They have cuttings was replaced by poval – horse rise for a candle, I bend my neck to the side, the horse shifts the center of gravity and it falls on his side. It’s considered safer.
But even before the prohibition of cuttings, the scene was allowed in the film only on the condition that in the frame you can see how the horse falls, gets up and runs away – that is, it is all right. If the end was cut off, the scene could not enter the picture. Thus, the viewer was convinced that nothing terrible happened to the horse (while the actors sometimes have a hard time: for example, the brave Arnold Schwarzenegger has already been injured several times, trying to independently perform a felling, and Mila Jovovich on the set of the film Joan Of arc almost fell under the hooves).

If only we were talking about the art of tricks! Unfortunately, as in the case of War and peace, there are Directors who are simply unworthy of horses. Remember the movie look For the wind? So, it was necessary to remove the shot herd. To force the horses to lie still, they tightly bound my feet. It was filmed on the don, and the horses from the nearest stud were lying in 30C heat bound. Their legs tied up tight, plus the many lying – in horses disrupted blood flow, the blood flow to the hooves, in General, for many horses shooting ended in tears.

Svetlana Druzhinina,
film Director and actress, Director of the trilogy of the midshipmen: If we talk about horse stunts in the movie, in particular about the sweeps, they are, of course, dangerous. The main guarantee of successful performance is an experienced stuntman. If you take an experienced rider, all in advance well provide, carefully prepare the site, install several cameras with different optics, it is enough one take, one fall, and therefore less risk. Yes, on the set anything can happen, but in my paintings one horse. I like horses very much.

Igor Laptev,
the Director of horse tricks, stuntman, head of the Caro group: Sweeps for a horse are really dangerous – with unskilled performance, a horse can break his neck, this happens. In the West, for example, for some time in the movies use only rubble – as if falling due to the displacement of the center of gravity and imbalance. The blockage is considered to be safer. Though actually, when a qualified the approach cutting to the horses is safer. Yes, the shooting unfortunately there are injuries and death of horses. The First horse entered the scene where right in the scene killed the horse, but is unlikely to die in stunt work, hundred heads, as a rule, even at the larger picture tricks do not more than a dozen specially trained horses. A few heads do tricks and a lot of takes are taken off. This files most often on the set of accidents with horses happen out of stupidity or negligence. For all the existence of our group we lost one horse. On it sat the actor from the crowd – we that day did not exist on the platform – and once you pass through the area, somehow managed to rip the horse’s belly. In tricks when performing sweeps for ten years of work we have no horse was injured.

Anatoly Klimenko,
Director of equestrian theatre Stunt: stunts in the movie the most dangerous for horse type of work. In the movie, is not stable working conditions – rugged terrain, the obstacles, the overcoming of which it is difficult to vouch for the fate of the horse. In addition to all known cuts cavalry attacks, there are falls from a height into the water, into the canyon – in these cases, the horse is deliberately allowed to certain death, and everything is decided by luck: the horse will be lucky – it will remain intact, no – then no. Apart from such extreme cases, the danger when shooting movies for horses is really great. Only 50% of success when performing tricks depends on the master and experience of the rider, and 50% remains for good luck – as the horse will land in the same cutting. In any case, the result can be unpredictable. More recently, our stuntmen in particular participated in the filming of the film Wolf’s blood. The shooting was full of tricks, very heavy. In the story he had to send a horse to jump into the sand canyon. Previously tried to protect everything as much as possible, but the horse did not want to jump off the cliff – stopped at the edge as rooted. What to do? The horses were blindfolded and led back to the edge. She felt the void, for some time hesitated, but then pushed away as she could, and jumped. Fortunately nothing happened, although the jump and the flight was a few tens of meters. But the horse experienced a real shock and the second time to the cliff to come refused. We treat such things negatively and do not use our horses for such work. Basic rate cases on the skill of the stuntman, he reveals the ability of the horse and to fully ensure its safety. We are not tempted to put a horse at risk for the sake of minute success – we invest years of work and consider such a risk not only inappropriate, but also unethical in relation to the horse.

Comments of the Russian society of animal welfare:
For many years in foreign countries (USA, England, France, etc.) is prohibited shooting and screening of movies with a scene of cruelty towards animals, and we believe the manifestation of the cruelty to horses shooting scenes in which a horse dies or gets injured incompatible with life. In this case it is abroad, there is a law according to which, as we have said in the film may not include scenes of cruel treatment of animals, the credits must appear the phrase “If the film has not killed any living creature.” Without such a footnote, the film can not go to the screen. If the Western societies for the protection of animals became aware of the death of horses during the filming of War and peace and others, such facts could be considered the reason for the prohibition of films on foreign screens.
Representatives of national animal protection organizations monitor compliance with the relevant legislation abroad. Unfortunately, the Russian society of animal welfare is unable to control the work of the film industry. However, we try to resist the cruelty to animals to the best of our ability. Thus, at the initiative of the Society, article 245 of the criminal code On cruel treatment of animals was adopted, according to which the punishment of imprisonment for up to two years is provided for intentional infliction of harm to animals for commercial purposes. If anyone had the courage to report cases of horse abuse to us, and not just on the set of movies, we could take advantage of this article and protect animals.

PS: the Movie, of course, is high art. Art, as we know, requires sacrifice. But is there such an art that is worth the death of even a single horse?

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