The horse in the mythology of the Celts, the Water horse
In various mythopoetic traditions animals appear sometimes as assistants to mythological characters, their attributes or symbols. Among the Celts this animal was the horse. Among the cult objects that make…

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Interesting about horses
The gradual development of society was accompanied by domestication of a variety of animals. The word "horse" Eastern Slavs adopted from Turkic riders, it sounded like "alosha". Turkic tribes roamed…

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Year of the horse - preparing for the new year!
This year it is necessary to devote time to General cleaning on December 31, and especially plumbing: there is a belief that with leaking water from the taps from the…

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The meaning of the word Horse

HORSE-I, mn. Coney, Hey, M.
Horse (mostly about the male; in the speech of the military, konnozavodskaya practice, as well as in poetic speech).
Warhorse. Farm trotting horses. What are you laughing, my zealous horse, That you lowered your neck, do Not shake your mane, do Not bite your bit? Pushkin, The Horse.
To the watering hole are the horses train. Twardowski, Estate

Chess piece with a horse’s head. The knight’s move. Swap horses

Sport. Leather-upholstered bar on stands for gymnastic exercises

(To be) on the horse – to feel like a winner. Will be released by the new year at full capacity Zheleznogorsk mill – Fomin on horseback, he is the winner. I. Drozdov, Hot mile.

On a horse (obsolete.) – the same, that on Ko?but. There is nothing to hesitate It! Men, mount! Oh, come on! The king sends an army to the East. Pushkin, the Tale of the Golden Cockerel.

For horses – cavalry command for boarding horses.

Not in the horse feed (simple.) – on useless, unproductive costs on someone, smth.

Don’t look a gift (or gift) horse in the teeth (pogov.) – you can’t count should not be required to have donated or inherited the gift thing fully meet the tastes, desires received it.

Horse (yet) was not lying (pogov.) – nothing has been done yet. The next day I go to check the performance, and then the horse was not lying. Goryshin, Before noon.

The knight’s move is about an act that makes an unexpected change in the course of events.

Horse (Horse) – Has dual meaning
As solar power white, gold or fire horse appears together with the gods of the Sun, harnessed to their chariots; as the moon (element of moisture, sea and chaos) force – the war horses of the ocean gods. Thus, the horse symbolizes both life and death.

The horse also symbolizes the intellect, wisdom, mind, intellect, nobility, light, dynamic force, swiftness, quickness thought, running time. She has an instinctive sensitive animal nature, magical powers of deification and symbolizes the wind and sea waves. It appears in the images of the gods of fertility and Vanir.
The devil can ride on it, and then it becomes phallic. If the horseman is a Wild Hunter and Earl is King, she means death.

A winged horse is the Sun or a space horse. It represents pure intelligence, innocence, purity, life and light; it is ruled by heroes.

At a later time, the horse replaced the bull in the sacrifices. Both represent the gods of Heaven and fertility, male power, and chthonic powers.
The white horse of the ocean has to do with both the principle of water and the principle of fire.
A lion that kills a bull or a horse means the Sun, drying up moisture and fog.
Black horse – a sign of the funeral. Heralds death and symbolizes chaos. Appears in the period of the twelve days of chaos between the old and the new year. The sacrifice of the October horse means death death.

In Buddhism, the horse is something indestructible, the hidden nature of things.
The winged or Cosmic horse Cloud is one of the images of Avalokiteshvara or Guan-Yin. Buddha left the house on a white horse. In Chinese Buddhism, a winged horse carries a book Of Law on its back.

A Celtic horse – an attribute or way of the gods, horses, such as Epona, the Great Horse goddess Mare, Mebd of Tara and Macha of Ulster, Protectress of horses as chthonic deities and the forces of death.
The horse can also be a solar symbol as a sign of courage, fertility; in addition, he is a psychopomp and a messenger of the gods.

In Chinese mythology horse – Heaven, the fire, Yang, South, the speed, tenacity, good omen.
The horse is one of the seven symbolic animals of the Twelve branches of The Earth. His hoof (not a horseshoe) brings good luck.

When the space horse is solar, it is opposed to the earth cow, but, appearing with a dragon symbolizing the Heavens, the horse represents the earth. A winged horse carrying the Book of the Law on its back is a sign of good luck and wealth. In the marriage symbolism, the horse means speed and accompanies the groom, the strong lion, the bride is accompanied by flowers. The horse is a typical symbol of fertility and powerful power.

In Christianity, the horse is the Sun, courage, nobility.
Later, in the Renaissance, it became a symbol of lust.
In catacomb images the horse meant fast running of time.
The four horses of the Apocalypse are war, death, famine and epidemic.
The horse is the emblem of St. George, Martin, Mauritius, Victor; wild horses – the emblem of St. Hippolyte.

It is noteworthy that the horse is completely absent in Egyptian symbolism.
Among the Greeks, the white horses carry Phoebus ‘ solar chariot and, being the principle of humidity, are associated with Poseidon as the God of the sea, earthquakes and springs. Poseidon can appear in the form of a horse. Dioscuri galloping on white horses. Pegasus means the transition from one level to another, it has the lightning of Zeus. Centaurs often appear in rites dedicated to Dionysus.

In Hinduism, a horse is a physical ship, and a rider is a spirit.
The Mare Manu is a deified land. The white horse of Kalki is the last incarnation or vehicle of Vishnu when he appears for the tenth time, bringing peace and salvation to the world. Varuna, the space horse, is born of water. The Gandharvas, the human horses, are a combination of natural fertility and abstract thinking, intelligence and music.

The steed is the guardian of the South.
In Iranian mythology, Ardvisura Anahita’s chariot is drawn by four white horses: wind, rain, cloud and sleet. The magician’s chariot is drawn by four war horses, symbolizing the four elements and their gods.

In Islam, the horse is happiness and wealth.

In Japanese mythology the white horse is a vehicle or form of manifestation Bateau Kwannon corresponding buddicom Indian and Chinese Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin, goddess of mercy and the great Mother.
It can appear as either a white horse or horse’s head or figure of a horse in its crown. Black horse is an attribute of the rain God.

In Mithraism, white horses carry Mithras ‘ chariot as the God of the Sun.
The Romans white steeds harnessed to the chariot of Apollo and Mithra. Epona, borrowed from the Celts, became a Roman goddess – defender, horses. She was also a funerary deity. Dioscuri galloping on white horses. The horse is an attribute of Diana the huntress.

In Norse and Teutonic mythology, the horse is dedicated to Odin (Vodan), who rode the eight-legged Mare Sleipnir.
The horse appears accompanied by Vanir as the God of fields, forests, Sun and rain.
Clouds – this battle horses Valkyrie.

In the shamanic tradition, a horse is a psychopomp; it means a transition from this world to another.
In addition, it is associated with sacrifice and is a sacrificial animal in Siberia and Altai. The skin and head of the horse are of ritual importance. The skin, like the Golden fleece, carries the symbolism of fat , and the head contains the life principle.

In Sumero-Semitic mythology, the chariot of The sun God Marduk was drawn by four horses.

The horse’s head was the emblem of Carthage.

The winged horse appears in the Assyrian Berlevag and Carthaginian coins.

In Taoism horse – attribute Chang Kuo, one of the eight Daoist Immortals geniuses.

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