Horse professions
Horse feeders Horse - the millennial man's best friend. And the first people who tamed them were our ancestors! Of course, in geography domestication horses can be include and Mongolia,…

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Cavalry in the middle ages
Knightly cavalry Up to the Second World War, the power of the armies was determined not only by men, but also by horses. Until 1945, most of the German artillery…

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The horse, its propitiation, history and varieties
The horse (Equus) belongs to the order of the equipotent (Peris-sodactyla), once a large group of animals, which now has only a very few representatives and is part of a…

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Horse horoscope

The horse, alienated by the collective farms, is returning to man, the oldest and perhaps the most devoted friend.

It seems that horse fairs, horse races, horse exhibitions are not far off.

And if so, the horse lovers are interested, probably, will read and horse horoscope.

Because these noble animals, like people, are influenced by the stars.

Those born under the sign of ARIES horses are not sheep character. These are war horses. War is their element. Without war, life has no meaning for them. They are born for war and die in war, leaving behind legends. It’s horses chalye, brown, Qawra, which consisted of lava Batu. The famous Amazons prefer that these horses, whose hook-nosed muzzle, mostly the “sheep” and “rabbit”, immortalized by the ancient masters famous Scythian “animal style”. Gold charms with cast noses of these horses are buried in the ancient Sarmatian burial mounds. One of these swinging, with a soft Lope, horses, called the Devil, and that was Taras Bulba.

For horses, BULLOCKS, some characteristic earthiness. These are bull horses. It’s hard sometimes to see where it ends the round and starts a horse. Under the meek mask lies a stubborn and rebellious spirit. The range of characters stretches from the Yak, Gaur, the banteng, kouprey to the bityug, the giant Brabancon, TRACECA and dons. Their gaits does not include either pit or gallop or amble or trot; their favorite gaits-“step” and “stop”. But there are pleasant exceptions. Favorite horse of Alexander the great, the famous Bay Bucephalus with a “bull” head was such an exception.

The TWINS love to laugh. To dance. Show off. Saltykov’s character – “Postplan”. They are frivolous and narcissistic, proud of its “thoroughbred” origin, but often they have droopy ears erect and mane – like mules. The hind limbs is often observed Kurba, sabretache and saber, which is a hidden signs of degeneration. One of these horses (according to one source podlasogo, on the other – a black with a tan), a stallion named Greyhound, Caligula was almost introduced to the Roman Senate.

CANCERS are subject to despondency and pessimism. These are unassembled, weak animals. Previously, they were called – “nastroenie”. They become people you knew in the youth. Their only advantage is exceptional devotion to his master. They, as they say, dissolve in their love for man. And, as a rule, enjoy mutual affection. But that doesn’t make it any easier for a man. The horse of Ilya Muromets, which he called the “bushy-shaggy”, “wolf’s feed” and “grass bag”, as well as the mouse and fold Mare, which was bought from the Gypsies grandfather Shchukar, were born under this sign of the zodiac.

Lion horses are born with a courageous heart and a noble pedigree. Their purpose is to carry the winner to his victory. These horses, usually trotting Pacers, mostly black Akhal-Teke and Golden-red “Arabs” from the ancient lines of “hadban”and “siglavi”, were at Svyatoslav, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane; igren argamaks brought to the glory of Hannibal, Attila and Caesar. The latter, as we know, even the books were dictated, not from the saddle that says ride horses, or LIONS. The famous elite stallion Smetanka, gray in apples, the ancestor of the Orlov trotters, as well as the ancestors of the English purebred breed, stallions Darley-Arabian and Beerley-Turk, of these horses.

VIRGO – working horses. Which, however, do not recycle excess. And lived for owner to tear not will. But, on the other hand, all day they can run after tied in front of the muzzle carrot or a bunch of hay. On their eyes, as a rule, blinders. Although they consider themselves very insightful and cautious – through a burning moat and a barbed fence you can not make them jump. Even with a whip. Therefore, stars in the sky are not enough. Their lot – a warm stable, comfortable stall and straw cutting, flavored with bran in the manger. For them it is the ideal of happiness. A vivid example of this is Tolstoy’s piebald gelding from the story “holstomer”.

Horses-LIBRA philosophers. Having poor health, (their typical diseases – keel, toad, SAP, colic), they like to argue, to weigh indefinitely all the “pros” and “cons”. But it’s the indecision and weakness. Because of this trait, they are capable of any unseemly act – with an angelic expression on… (face, brow, face – underline). They’re the kind of people who get soft and sleep hard. According to Homer’s “Iliad”, the wooden Trojan horse was created under the constellation LIBRA.

SCORPIONS is often a horse-a pony. As well as Zebra, quagga, quagga, Tarpan a, grevi, the onagers, kulans, and other donkeys and ponies. These animals are herd, subject to the laws of the herd. Mainly piebald, Dun, grizzle. Evil, biting, super-willing, with a large inferiority complex. They are obstinate, at warp-esteem, because of the nature of the beautiful and spirited wild horse with beauty, sung by the ancient poets. Vain. So willing to suffer any hardship, if only for them it is said something. The stable of one of these horses, grey in buckwheat, “trout” Barbary stallion, is still intact in Moscow and is protected by the French government. This is Napoleon’s horse.

SAGITTARIUS is the horse-people centaurs. On the one hand they are very firmly, on four legs, stand on the ground with the other pointing to the sky. In astrology, SAGITTARIUS is patronized by Jupiter the Thunderer: he is formidable, but fair; his thunderstorms bring not only a deadly hail, but also a cleansing rain. These horses are ambitious. This horse Legion, the victors, marshals, winners. These are often albino animals, marked from Above – pure black or gray, which are afraid of all times and peoples are called “white”. As, probably, was happy and proud, despite the light summer rain, the white Arab filly with the typical “pike” face, from the line “koheilan” where Marshal Zhukov took a “Victory Parade”.

Capricorn horses are long-lived. English thoroughbred stallion Billy lived 62 years. Different fighting and loyal character. They, like asharam able hard to climb the mountain paths followed by the host. And it will be necessary – go into the water, jump into the flames. A kind of fairy-tale magic horse, Sivka-burka, broadcasting kaurka. Basmachi, abreki, “noble robbers” and just adventurers of all stripes choose for “business” these stubborn and frisky horses. Shamil, skins and Makhno was Chubar Kabarda and Terek dark Bay Mare, born under the constellation of CAPRICORN.

AQUARIUS are usually unpredictable, flighty character.They like to bite and kick. Horse universal, in the old days such people: even under the water, though under the Governor. They apply with equal vigor to drag the plow and the plow, walk in harness and under the saddle when I want to. Well if you do not want – will not help any whip even with seven tails. These horses represent Russia, because Russia, too, is an Aquarius. A couple of these sarasou horses at the time, was driven in a wooden cage Pugachev peasant king through Russia to his “execution ground”.

Fish horses are humble. About say: neither fish nor fowl. Usually, their career does not rise above the peasant wagons or carts water-cart. They are often Kozinets and swelling of the headstock, and on the hooves – the slimy. This, as a rule, short and humble Polish “koniki” or Yakut “meat” horses. But there are exceptions. For example, dancehouse the Rosinante. These are the nightingales, copper-coloured and mukhorta “gentle horse”, which he loved to drive field Marshal Kutuzov, and which, in old age, was pouzival Leo Tolstoy.

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