How to develop the Russian horse-breeding
Russian horse breeding should be divided into three completely independent types, equally oppressed by unfavorable economic conditions, but requiring completely different measures for its prosperity. Thus, the breeding of mass,…

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gym equipment
Representation rules horses on a brood
Brood - the most important event in horse breeding, associated with the assessment of the exterior, determining the quality and condition of horses, monitoring the level of development of young…

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Year of the horse - preparing for the new year!
This year it is necessary to devote time to General cleaning on December 31, and especially plumbing: there is a belief that with leaking water from the taps from the…

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Classification of thoroughbred horses

A million, sometimes more, we have now to pay for frisky trotters very often

That’s how highly prized thoroughbred horses are! And not only trotters, but also horses used at the races.

As for horses going under saddle craftsmen specializing in classic sports – dressage, show jumping and eventing, the role of the breed is even more significant.

It has long been observed and proven that best lend themselves to dressage horse, Akhal-Teke, in particular, breeds, and show jumping and eventing athletes prefer to deal with thoroughbred horses horses.

In addition to breed sports horses is valued and their appearance: body structure, body length, height.
Horses still distinguish color, that is color. If the horse’s body, tail and mane are brown, the coaches explain, the suit is considered red. The chestnut horse has a brown body, the tail and the mane are black.

Blacks are black. There are horses gray, sometimes gray in apples (dark spots on a light background).

A handsome bulan horse with a body covered with Golden hair and a tail and mane black.

The salt trunk is the same color as the bulana, but the mane and tail are white. The Karak horses are black as black, but in some places brown spots are scorched.

Sometimes the horse is “star in the forehead” – a white stain that decorates the head as light strips-notch on the nose or spot the white stockings on his feet.

And what breeds of horses are selected for hire?



There are purebred. Age from two years to twenty years. As known, horse and live much less, than people. An average of 30 years, and this milestone not all reach, and athletic the horse is, as a rule, age up to sixteen.

The holiday of Flora and Laurus, in Russia revered as patrons of cattle, especially horses, and domestic animals, falls on August 31 (August 18, old style)
August 31 - the memory of Flora and Lavra, who have long been revered in Russia as patrons of domestic animals, especially horses. On this day, the horse festival was…


The main senses of the horse
Various excitations coming from the external environment and internal organs of the animal are perceived by the senses and then analyzed in the cerebral cortex. The body of the animal…


Horse harness and armor
Images and finds indicate that the oldest method of bridling a horse was carried out with the help of a snaffle bit (German Trense). The early medieval bridle (German Zaumung)…


Cavalry in the middle ages
Knightly cavalry Up to the Second World War, the power of the armies was determined not only by men, but also by horses. Until 1945, most of the German artillery…