Horse harness and armor
Images and finds indicate that the oldest method of bridling a horse was carried out with the help of a snaffle bit (German Trense). The early medieval bridle (German Zaumung)…

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What is the color of horses
The suit is one of the main features of a horse; is a hereditary trait and is determined by the color of the covering hair of the head, neck, body,…

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Horse professions
Horse feeders Horse - the millennial man's best friend. And the first people who tamed them were our ancestors! Of course, in geography domestication horses can be include and Mongolia,…

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Horse holidays

Italy. July 2 and August 16
Every year, twice during the summer, the Palio Festival is held in Siena – horseback riding on the city streets and a small square in the center.

The picturesque spectacle begins with a historical convoy, leaving the courtyard of the government palace. The riders wear costumes dating back to the medieval era. Behind them are the standard bearers and drummers.

Animated by colorful costumes, under the beat of the rhythm of the vestibules, under the game of spinning banners, the motorcade moves along a special track, arranged in the old pattern, as a memory of the life and glory of the Republic.

And already at this stage a contest is being read, in which the best rider, standard-bearer and drummer are chosen. Horses for horse racing are also subject to rigorous selection, and animals selected for participation in the festival are blessed in churches. The holiday is completed by horse races. In each race 10 participants will start, and horses of 17 counts will make 3 laps in just 90 seconds. Residents of each street put forward their riders – a horseman and a horse. Anything happens in these races on asphalt, it happens that both horsemen and horses are falling and breaking, but passion for victory, excitement, popularity of “paleo Siena” overshadow danger.

Russia. Serpen (August)
Horse holiday (2nd day of the 3rd Savior) August 31 – Day of Frol and Laurus, patrons of horses. The beginning of the autumn morning, there are frosts. I begged Frol and Laurus – wait for the horses of good.
Earlier on that day, horses were forbidden to work on horseback, they were fed their fill with selected oats. Led to the church and sprinkled with holy water. Then they were treated with humps of salt, bathed, their tails and manes decorated with ribbons, horse shows and horse races were organized. They did not saddle the horses, did not equip them with harness, did not offend them with whips and whistles, but exhorted them with kind and affectionate words. Then the priest endured the cross again, blessed it and again sprinkled it with holy water, and everyone who brought the horse tried to have at least one drop of holy water fall on his horse.

Horse’s day – Todorov’s day. On this day, horses are decorated in every corner of the country, they are freed from work, and competitions are held even on working teams in villages and small towns.

Nadamu – 800-year celebration of the harvest season. The holiday consists of horse riding, tug-of-war, archery, wrestling. Horse racing is the highlight of the holiday.

Holiday horses Fairy del Caballo. Fair horses immerses themselves in the atmosphere of traditional Andalusia, with its hot horses and beauties in flamenco dresses.
Holiday Horses Horses A Rapa das Bestas. These days, wild horses are driven into the pen to cut their manes and tails.
In September, Castellan hosts the festival of bulls and horses.

In Pusta, traditional horse holidays are still popular, in which all residents participate. There are obligatory demonstrations of the art of Chik – Hungarian herdsmen-herdsmen, smooth and barrier races, horse-drawn carriages, “Hungarian post” – riding on five horses of one daredevil, standing on either of the two rear horses and managing at the same time three more horses jumping in a bundle in front of a pair.
Every 5-6 years in the northern part of the Netherlands, in Friesland, a competition of Frisian horses is held. The jury evaluates each horse, selecting the best. These horses are a peculiar symbol of Friesland: coal-black, with a well-developed shoulder, back and croup, with a gracefully curved powerful neck, legs framed with friezes, on a light trot. There are famous equestrian quadrille there: boys and girls in national costumes demonstrate figure riding on black horses on horseback. Ea sledding is most often married couples (husband and wife, brother and sister) Usually sleddings are paired, the driver must briskly lead the horses between the uprights with the rings strung on them, and the woman should try to remove these rings without missing any of them.

In ancient Rome, the festival began on October 15 with chariot racing across the field of Mars. The right prism horse of the victorious chariot was sacrificed to the gods – pierced with a spear. The whole celebration was a fertility ritual in the name of increasing the harvest, and the horse was a representative of the spirit of the cereals.

In Denmark, at the Horse Festival, the priest sprayed east and west with horse blood in the rite of the resurrection of the horse as the Spirit of the Year of the Sun. The church banned this holiday in the Middle Ages.

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Horse holidays
Italy. July 2 and August 16 Every year, twice during the summer, the Palio Festival is held in Siena - horseback riding on the city streets and a small square…


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