These different horses
The rider soared over the obstacle. The audience froze, leaned forward, as if hoping to help the brave man. But the horse, without hitting unsteady poles, landed and galloped to…

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About horse
Among domestic animals, a horse occupies a special place: no other quadruped, even a dog, was honored with so many poems and short stories, was not depicted so many times…

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Horse bike
Do not reinvent the wheel, everything has been invented a long time ago - skeptics told him, but Yevgeny Mikhailov, a resident of the “Quiet” Kuban stanitsa, developed a new…

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Horse language

The horses communicate with each other mostly soundlessly: through facial expressions, posture and body movement.

Between themselves differ not only in their smell, but also in their appearance.

Movement of the body, the expression of the muzzle and the eye can understand the mood of the enemy in any situation.

The horses have very expressive facial expressions.
Caution, intolerance or anger, pain


Fear fear


Fatigue, indifference


Ear position
On the ears, you can read the horse’s mood immediately and unmistakably.
Forward ears signal interest with no fear. The middle position with the tendency to move forward is the usual state of the horse. Ears laid back serve as a serious warning to a two-or four-legged opponent.

Between these two extreme provisions there are many more.
Ears upright express feelings unpleasant or even fear. Interest “biological” is indicated by drooping ears, freely swaying from top to bottom.

Horses are quiet animals by nature, communicate loudly only in moments of extreme excitement. Neighing – an intensive appeal to his fellows. The stallion neighs a mare, a mare to his foal, a horse greets a fellow in the stable.

Neighing occurs through the nostrils. Some horses use a kind of silent whinnie to greet; other quiet snooping. Also react to other friends, horses, people who are trusted or carts with oats. The excitement is signaled by a loud snort, which, with a non-double-digit perturbation, increases and proceeds to a loud neighing.

The biting sound of a horse is an indisputable warning to the attacker. Rare, but incendiary, like the voice of an owl, there is a roar of fighting stallions. Quiet neighing and contented snorting signals relaxation and state of satisfaction. Horses express pain rarely – horses experience it silently and patiently.

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