Cavalry new time
Cavalry new time In the 16th century, the spread of field artillery, muskets and rush led to a change in the balance of power between infantry and cavalry in favor…

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The main senses of the horse
Various excitations coming from the external environment and internal organs of the animal are perceived by the senses and then analyzed in the cerebral cortex. The body of the animal…

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Representation rules horses on a brood
Brood - the most important event in horse breeding, associated with the assessment of the exterior, determining the quality and condition of horses, monitoring the level of development of young…

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How to behave with a horse

It should firmly remember the rules of handling a horse.
The main ones are:

1. Approach the horse can only be pre-hailing her, and only on the left.

2. It is impossible to approach from the rear may kick.

3. Do not stick your hand through the bars of the stall – can grab your teeth for fingers.

4. Do not let go of the reins, bringing the horse out of the stall.

5. Don’t take it out of the stall if the previous change did not put their horses in the stables.

6. To open the door fully to avoid being touched by a horse, and made sure the stirrups were pulled up.

7. Not to stay with the horse stables in the aisle or at the door of the arena.

8. Lead the horse in a leash, going left.

9. Lead your horse at a distance of two blocks from ahead.

10. Do not wear shoes with grooved soles or protruding soles for riding.

11. Dismounting, do not leave the horse unattended.

12. Bread, carrots, sugar give horses on the open palm.

13. Don’t shout, don’t run, speak softly, tenderly.

14. Everything is done only by the teams coach. They’re like, “Shift, stop!”, “Step – March!”, “Change, reason!”, “Sit down!”, “Turn right!”, “Get off!”, “On head – on stable!”, “Give reason!”, “Stroke the horses!”and so on.

And the teams are divided into preliminary and Executive.

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