Horses in antiquity
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Cavalry new time
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Classification of thoroughbred horses
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The year of the horse

Year of the horse carries dynamism and assertiveness, a combination of prudence and fiery passion.

Year of the Horse correspond to such colors as green, blue (blue). Element – tree, which has such characteristics as usability, intemperance, irascibility.

Chinese name of Horse: MA
Time of day under the management of the Horse: 11:00 – 13:00
Corresponding sign of the Western Zodiac: Leo
Item: Fire
Space element of the year – wood, color – blue

Character of people born in the year of the Horse
The horse is unmanageable, self-willed type of person. People born in the year of the Horse, always defend their right to dispose of their own living space. Easily get mad at the slightest provocation. There are unmotivated cutting and categorical. They are optimistic, energetic, sociable. Don’t like being alone, preferring constant communication with friends. They have money, they are able to get money without special labor feats.

Quite fickle, can easily change their profession and place of work. Love to travel, the limited space and the monotony of their oppresses more than other signs. Their hard work deployed in the direction of his home and family. To the service and career attitude as a means of making money, nothing more. They are confident, and they get to take quite an enviable position, not because of their passion for work, but because of the ability to get along with people, charming them with their charm.

In love, reckless and reckless. Avalanche of feelings, sweeping away on the way any obstacles. Have heightened temperament. For a love partner, this is a very attractive object, since this sign has a powerful natural sexual nature. Sometimes affectionate, with difficulty parted with the same feelings, getting in the strong trap of love and constant desire.

But even in a strong Alliance Horse sometimes dreams of independence, freedom and new experiences. In marriage, bend their line, not allowing to sit on his neck. Love shows, theaters, meetings, concerts, sports, everything to do with the public. Often quite successfully engaged in any sport.

A horse can be a fine politician, an athlete or a seller and will succeed in any kind of activity where you will be able to make their own initiative and powers of persuasion.

People born in the year of the Horse are very popular because they are always cheerful and talkative. The mind is a Horse very fast, it captures people’s thoughts before they have time to Express. The horse is very skillful with money, and in General it is wise and talented. She is not interested in everyday Affairs, but at the same time she is very picky about manners and clothes.

The most compatible love partners for a Horse Are a Dog and a Tiger.
Women born under the sign of a Horse, passionate and live, guided by the dictates of his heart. They are sensitive, impatient and eager for love, constantly in search of the most grandiose victories that they can. They love to instantly attract attention and fall in love at first sight.

People born in the year of the wooden horse. The element of the Tree contributes to the fact that the horoscope of the year Horse becomes atypical for this sign. Wooden Horses are open and friendly people with a compliant character, which is so surprising for this sign. The stubbornness of the representatives of this year of the Horse is evident in the softer and more cheerful form – representatives of the elements of the Tree have a sense of humor and a rich imagination. Due to this people born in this year of the Horse, capable of innovative solutions to many problems that is highly valued by others. Usually wooden Horses are respected and valued, they are in a friendly environment your top quality.

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