Horse suits
For horses since the time of Hippocrates, it is customary to distinguish four main suits: redhead, gray, black, bay. The remaining suits are considered to be derived from these four…

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The holiday of Flora and Laurus, in Russia revered as patrons of cattle, especially horses, and domestic animals, falls on August 31 (August 18, old style)
August 31 - the memory of Flora and Lavra, who have long been revered in Russia as patrons of domestic animals, especially horses. On this day, the horse festival was…

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The year of the horse
Year of the horse carries dynamism and assertiveness, a combination of prudence and fiery passion. Year of the Horse correspond to such colors as green, blue (blue). Element - tree,…

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The horse is man-made

Horses man virtually created
All contained on the stud farms horses are the product of centuries of breeding, selection. Their biological features include a relatively small digestive system: single-chamber stomach, with a small capacity; voluminous large intestine. Horses have very sensitive and mobile lips and excellent sense of smell, which allows them not to swallow spoiled food and impurities to it.

Horses are able to catch smells that are not available to man. A well developed tool, and especially molar teeth, large salivary glands and a strong chewing muscles help the horse to grind and are well prepared to assimilate the solid feed grains. Continue reading

How to behave with a horse

It should firmly remember the rules of handling a horse.
The main ones are:

1. Approach the horse can only be pre-hailing her, and only on the left.

2. It is impossible to approach from the rear may kick.

3. Do not stick your hand through the bars of the stall – can grab your teeth for fingers.

4. Do not let go of the reins, bringing the horse out of the stall. Continue reading

What protects the horse’s brain from overheating

It is known that at a temperature of about +40.5 * C the brain perishes.

But at the same time the body temperature of the horse during the race reaches 45-46 * C.

How so? Animals capable of rapid movement usually have an extensive network of arteries that cools the blood warmed by the load before it enters the brain. However, the horse does not have such a device. What protects the horse’s brain? Continue reading

Classification of thoroughbred horses
A million, sometimes more, we have now to pay for frisky trotters very often That's how highly prized thoroughbred horses are! And not only trotters, but also horses used at…


Horse professions (Part 2)
All over the world horses are sold for leisure, sport and work purposes. For example, the American horse Association estimates horse-related transactions in the United States of more than $…


More about riding in harness
It is unlikely we will be mistaken if we assume that the carts already existed for 2000 years BC Already ancient Persians drove the fours in a four-wheeled covered wagon.…


What protects the horse's brain from overheating
It is known that at a temperature of about +40.5 * C the brain perishes. But at the same time the body temperature of the horse during the race reaches…